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A Tier I Supplier of Firearm and Military Munitions Components
Providing high-volume precision machined components and assemblies to some of the world's premier OEMs
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About Us

OUR STORY began in 2002 during the depths of a manufacturing recession.  Three ambitious entrepreneurs started two different companies, just days apart.  Both Manufacturing Partners and Premier Engineering were started as contract manufacturers.  As the years passed, these three entrepreneurs decided to merge the two companies into what is now known as Manufacturing Partners, Inc.

Just one short month after merging, the Great Recession hit MPI.  The year was 2008.  With great fortitude and unwavering determination, the company survived the next few years.  Coming out of this trying time, management focused on the future and spent countless hours creating the company’s guiding vision. The outcome of these management discussions was a clear vision of what the company was, and, more importantly, what the company was not!

MPI began to increase its focus on the firearm and military munitions business.  It divested itself of all ancillary activities and revenue streams including cable assembly, electro-mechanical assembly, and job-shop machining activities.  What remains is the company you see before you - a contract manufacturer serving the nation’s finest OEMs in the firearm and military munitions markets.

MPI is a Tier I supplier of CNC-machined firearm and military munitions components.  We specialize in complex part, high volume CNC machining.

Our team is passionate about manufacturing’s role in the US economy.  We are proud of the fact that we are Made in the USA!

We work hard to recruit the right people for our team.  We train them and we offer them a chance to learn and grow.

As a company, we all share these core values:

  • Care/Passion in all that we do
  • Teamwork built on a foundation of trust
  • Competence/Excellence in each role
  • Personal and corporate growth
  • Commitment to our customers


Keith Klein – President
Keith is the founder of Manufacturing Partners, Inc.  Prior to MPI, Keith served in various leadership roles at Aetrium, Inc. and later with Consolidated Metal Products.  Keith holds a B.S. from Arizona State University.

Brent Knutson – Sales/Engineering Manager
Brent co-founded Premier Engineering.  Brent leads the sales and engineering efforts at MPI, consulting with current and prospective customers to find the ideal solution for their production challenges.  Prior to founding Premier Engineering, Brent was with J&J Machine and Consolidated Metal Products working in various areas including machining, estimating, and quality.

Brent Betzler – Quality Manager
Brent was a co-founder of Premier Engineering.  Brent is responsible for the quality department at MPI.  His attention to detail and thoroughness are well known by our customer base.  Prior to Premier Engineering, Brent honed his machining and quality skills at various machine shops including J&J Machine and Consolidated Metal Products.

Dale Crooker – Production Manager
Dale joined MPI in 2013 to lead a growing production environment.  He is responsible for all production related activities occurring on our 24/6 production schedule.  Prior to joining MPI, Dale held management positions at various companies including Carl Zeiss, Checker Machine, and Lake Air Metal Products

Chris Schneider – Materials Manager/Sales Support
Chris joined Manufacturing Partners in 2003.  During his tenure he has been responsible for managing assembly operations, scheduling, materials, and sales support.  Chris’s attention to detail ensures that all orders processed at MPI have been thoroughly analyzed to minimize any production interruptions and that the communication with our customers is timely and detailed.

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Big Lake, MN 55309
Tel: 763-263-9053
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