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Bolt Carrier Groups

MPI provides fully-assembled bolt carriers to some of the leading OEMs in the Modern Sporting Rifle industry.

We manufacture these components in-house and control all aspects of the manufacturing process.

Some of our standard products are shown below.

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Bolt carrier groups bolt carrier groups bolt carrier manufacturing

Bolt Carrier Key - Black Nitride

Bolt Carrier Key - Mag. Phos./Chrome

Bolt Carrier Key - Nickel Boron

308 bolt carrier
308 BCG Nitride 308 Bolt Assembly Nitride
308 Cam Pin Nitiride 308 Extractor Nitride
308 Firing Pin 308 Stripped Bolt Nitiride
308 Stripped Carrier Nitiride

.223 Cam Pin - Black Nitiride

stripped Carrier Mag & Chrome Stripped nickle
.223 Stripped Carrier Mag & Chrome .223 Stripped Carrier Nickle Boron
carrier bolt
.223 Stripped Carrier Nitride .223 Stripped Carrier Faceted Style Nitride

.223 fully-assembled BCG - Nickle Boron

.223 extractor - Black Nitride

.223 fully-assembled BCG - Black Nitride

.223 extractor - Mag. Phos.

.223 fully-assembled BCG - Mag. Phos./Chrome

.223 extractor - Nickle Boron

.223 fully-assembled bolt - Nickel Boron

.223 firing pin

.223 fully assembled bolt - Mag. Phos.

.223 Cam Pin - Nickel Boron

.223 fully assembled bolt - Black Nitride

.223 Cam Pin - Mag. Phos./Dry Film

Bolt Carrier Group  

.223 stripped bolt - Nickle Boron



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